1960 LLLL367 Bao Lan (寶蘭)Aged Liu Bao

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Most of the aged Liu Bao in Malaysia before the 70's came via Hong Kong, as Malaysia imported much of the Liu Bao through Hong Kong merchants. Like the Hao Zi Ji Puerh (號字级普洱) tea period, each merchant had their own brand and their own unique  processing and style.

LLLL367 is a 1960's Aged Liu Bao from Chen Chun Lan tea company (陳春蘭 ). Chen Chun Lan had a tea shop in Hong Kong, and later opened another tea shop in Ipoh. Their shops closed long time ago, however,  luckily some of the Liu Bao tea they produced was kept by collectors in Malaysia.

Chen Chun Lan was a well known tea company, famous for selling good quality Liu Bao. The "L" refers to the grade of the materials they used. The more "L's" signified a higher grade. LLLL was their highest grade of tea.   "367" is the code used to record this batch of tea.

LLLL367 was stored in Hong Kong in the early years and there is a trace hint of this storage, which has produced a nice aged ginseng and camphor taste and aroma. The storage was then refined in Malaysia.   The overall storage was very clean.

The leaves contains tender buds and whole leaves which are called "Yuan Du Nen Jian  Liu Bao (原度嫩尖)"。With light fermentation in processing, this tea still tastes very lively and refreshing. The texture is refined, thick, rich, and oily. The most noticeable energy impact on the body is calm and peaceful. The warming and grounding feelings carry on with each brew. 

It's a really special aged Liu Bao from this period and one of the best aged Liubao still available in the world.