2003 Farmer Style Liu Bao

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Most of the Liu Bao tea imported into Malaysia is from either Wuzhou Tea Factory or Wuzhou Zhongcha (Duoteli).  This tea is of a different style than those.  Locally called "Nongjia" (lit. Farmer's House) tea - this was processed by farmers, using their own techniques and fermentation.   Farmer style liubao is a bit of a gamble - many are terrible with strange fermentation smells, but sometimes you find one that is excellent.

This tea was stored in Wuzhou and from tasting it, the original character of the leaves from that area is very apparent.

The fermentation was good, giving a pronounced Betel Nut aroma, the tea liquid thick, smooth and concentrated.  There's a very pleasant bitterness that comes through and transforms on the edges of the tongue, inducing saliva and a long sweet aftertaste.

This is very good Liubao and a nice addition to our range.