200ml Fang Xia - Wood-fired Gongdaobei (Pitcher)

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We've long been in need personally of a good gongdaobei and were never that happy with the offerings we'd found in the market.   We decided to make a batch using the same clay, glaze and firing as our woodfired cups.   Since the shape we wanted would have been difficult to recreate, we made a mould and cast the body before spraying the ash glaze to keep it thin and create a textured effect, adding depth of feeling and creating something quite different from the polished commercial feeling pitchers on the market.  Finally these were wood fired in a dragon kiln in Jingdezhen.

We've worked for several months to get the shape, pour and feeling of these just right and are really happy to finally be able to have a gongdaobei that we're comfortable to have on our own tea table and something we feel pleased to tea lovers in the west.