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2019 Zhang Hui Chun - Strong Roast Shui Xian

2019 Zhang Hui Chun - Strong Roast Shui Xian

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This is one of the most requested yancha we've had in a while.   The 2018 Strong Roasted Shui Xian which we have been sold out. We included it in the Masters Tasting Set, and also in the teaclub parcel.   It's not particularly fancy, actually one of the cheaper yancha that we have, but it's in a style which is less and less common in the market these days.  

The 2019 Strong Roasted Shui Xian is available now. 

This is a tea that Zhang Hui Chun makes for his old customers from Chaozhou and S.E. Asia - people who've been drinking yancha for years and appreciate this traditional style strong roast tea.

He puts the tea through multiple charcoal roasts over 2 years before releasing for sale.  This kind of roasting takes a lot of skill - it's so easy to go a little over and burn the leaves, or not roast enough to reach the clear rich flavours that are prized in this style of tea.   Consequently, there are less and less people willing to make this style of tea these days.

In the cup, it's strong, rich and chocolatey.  Put the whole bag in a small pot and brew it strong for a coffee-like kick, the way the old-timers do it!

(The original purchase we made of this tea was packed in plain green bags.  This one is packed in his branded bags, but is from the same batch of tea) 

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