1990's Mystery Puerh

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Product Code: 90年代神秘茶饼-380g

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This tea came to us with the wrong wrapper...  we were looking for a specific batch aged tea, and when the producer dug out the cakes from his warehouse, we got this instead.  It's not the same tea as the sample we'd ordered and we almost sent it back.  Fortunately for us, we tasted it and it was even more interesting than the tea we originally had tasted.

We don't know what this is.   The producer was unable to shed any more light on it either - he thought he just had one batch of tea.  

With that disclaimer out of the way, let's analyse this a bit...

The processing seems to have been a bit non-standard, with some heat or roasting.  It also contains more stems than factory teas of this period.  The storage has been slightly humid, but very clean.   The tea is obviously old, and we're comfortable putting it in the 1990's age bracket.  

The taste is smooth, with a pronounced aged flavour and very nice energy.  It tastes pure and has the characteristics of old tree material.   To criticise this tea, the aftertaste could be longer and the tea liquid could be more concentrated, but the flavour, mouthfeel and energy of this tea are so nice that you just don't want to stop drinking.

This tea can easily outperform factory cakes of the same period and I think any fans of aged puerh and those searching for nice qi would be very happy to have this in their collection.