2000 Camphor Aroma Sheng Puerh

Brand: Zhongcha

Product Code: 2000-樟香青饼-350g

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$15.00 - $179.00
$179.00 15.00

We found this puerh while hunting around in Malaysia for some aged sheng puerh. It comes without the original wrapper (we'll add a plain white one) and without any identification other than a standard "Ba Zhong" (8 Zhong Characters surrounding a green Cha (tea) character) ticket pressed into the cake.

These types of cakes are usually pretty ordinary, and consequently inexpensively priced, but from time to time you can find a batch that's of exceptional quality. This is one such batch. The base material is very good, appearing to be composed of a fair amount of old tree material. The flavour is pure and refined, with distinct camphor flavour and very smooth, thick and clear.

The storage has been exceptionally clean, giving a tea that is ageing nicely & very pleasant to drink now but also with room to develop over the years.