2001 Mengsa Old Tree Tea

Brand: essenceoftea

Product Code: 2001勐撒 老树茶-一饼

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$8.50 - $108.00
$108.00 8.50


Edit: Nov 2020 - we found one more case of this tea.  The storage is very similar, though the price is slightly higher this time.  It's still excellent value for money in our opinion and punches well above it's weight.   We don't expect to be able to find more of this in the future.



Buy this tea!   If you buy one tea from us this year, this should be the one.

I always get a little hesitant to over-recommend teas.   Perhaps people's tastes don't match ours, or perhaps there are other options out there which are better.  With that hesitation in mind, I'm going to go out on a limb with this one.

The tea is perfectly stored - it has been fairly dry, with just enough humidity to allow the tea to age and transform.  

The base material displays all the characteristics of old tree tea.  It is thick and concentrated in the mouth and throat, has long steady & slowly evolving aftertaste.  It's very comfortable in the body.  It also tastes like it's homogenous, single-area tea.  A slight astringency when pushed is the only real fault I can find with this tea.

Price wise - this tea can easily compete with teas 3-4 times it's price.  I don't think we'd easily find tea like this at anywhere near this price for quite a while.