2009 Da Xue Shan Wild Puerh Cake

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Product Code: 25克2009野生古树大雪山普洱

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We've always loved Mengku Da Xue Shan's wild tea - the trees are some of the biggest and oldest wild trees in Yunnan and the forest is pristine.  These days the government has stepped in to protect the forest, making productions like this a treasure of the past.

These cake were produced by a Guangzhou tea producer in 2009 and have been stored there in a very clean and dry environment.  The tea is very pure and clean tasting.  It has lost the greenness of youth and begun to develop ripe fruit flavours and aroma.

In the mouth, it has good strength & body with nicely balanced bitterness.  There is  a pronounced cooling sensation in the throat and a burst of saliva after drinking it.  The aftertaste is long, steady and very pleasant.

We can highly recommend this tea.  It's available as 357g cake or 25g samples.