2019 Boundless Ancient tree Puerh

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Product Code: 2019-苍茫普洱-25g

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Although we bought other teas for the Tea Club and for our wholesale customers, we only pressed one cake this spring for sale on our website.  Since there was just one, we had to make sure it was good!

Thankfully it didn't disappoint - the weather was perfect this Spring.  Small yields but concentrated and rich tea.  We'd booked the entire harvest from this small garden of ancient trees, which nestle in the dip of two adjoining hillsides.  Surrounded by forest and with a small stream running through, the abundance of nutrition and fertile natural environment is obvious everywhere in sight.  This tea has been grown naturally, completely free from agrochemicals.  We pressed this with a mix of leaf sizes in this tea for the complete range of flavours from this garden.

This tea displays the wisdom and stability that one would expect from an unblended production of very old trees.  The tea liquid is stable & rich in the mouth.  It's concentrated and the aftertaste lingers for hours afterwards.  The energy is grounding, slow and deeply penetrating.

We hope you enjoy it!