950ml Yixing Zisha Kettle

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We've been looking for some good Yixing kettles for the past couple of years - without much success. Either the clay wasn't good, the construction wasn't good or some other problems.

We recently came across this batch of kettles which a friend ordered from Yixing. They were commissioned for a Japanese client, but they had some extra left over from the batch & he asked if we'd like some. Knowing the quality of these kettles we said yes straight away and asked him to keep the rest of the batch for us.

These kettles are made from Yixing Zini blended with some Yixing Fang Huo Ni clay known for its ability to cope with thermal shock. This makes it ideal for kettles made to be heated over an alcohol flame, charcoal, infrared or even gas. As with all clay kettles, care should be taken not to let them boil dry or heat them when empty. They were woodfired according to the client's specifications.

The effect on the water is one of softening, thickening and rounding - making it ideal for deeper teas, such as Puerh and Liu Bao. It also performs well for Wuyi rock teas, though this is personal preference.