115ml Wood Fired Hong Pi Long "Li Mao" Pot

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We've been looking for a long time for a studio to work with to craft contemporary pots that could meet our standards, both in the quality of clay and workmanship.

We really can't find fault in the craftsmanship of these pots - the balance, proportions, lid fit, and aesthetics are perfect.  The clay is also excellent -  pure Huang Long Shan area Hong Pi Long clay processed from aged original Yixing Zini ore.  

Each pot is slowly fired in a large dragon kiln in a process that takes 13 days. We're happy to introduce this pot as part of our third series of contemporary pots which we are proud to offer this year.

The shape of the teapot is in the style of the Early Qing Dynasty ZhuNi pot called "Li Mao" (笠帽)Inside there is a single hole filter. From our tests, this clay works very well with aged puerh, liu bao tea, as well as oolong and yancha. 

Size: 115ml