135ml Aged Zini Lixing Teapot by Jiang Quan Fang

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We commissioned these pots from Jiang Quan Fang (蒋泉芳).  She grew up steeped in zisha culture, with her family earning a high reputation for their pots since Ming and Qing Dynasties.   More recently, her aunt was grandmaster Jiang Rong and her father Jiang Panlin was also a master potter.  As a young girl, she received tutelage from both of these before going on to study under Chen Hongping.  She currently holds the rank of Senior Arts and Craft Master — 高级工艺美术师. Her works have won many awards and have been collected by the Beijing's Capital Museum amongst others.

These pots were fully handmade, in the style of a late Qing dynasty pot.   They're made from aged zini clay that Jiang Quan Fang and her husband Ma Yong Qiang purchased from old stock when Yixing Factory 1 closed.   They have medium thickness walls and were medium-high fired.  Inside is a single hole filter.  The lid fit is perfect and the pour is relatively fast.

These are very nicely made pots.  We commissioned five of these.  As they're fully handmade, there's some slight variation between them, but very similar.