2000 Green Peacock Sheng Puerh

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Product Code: 2000-绿孔雀-350g

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$190.00 15.75

This tea has been stored in Malaysia since 2000. The storage has been exceptionally clean, resulting in an aged tea in which the original character of the leaves can shine through, while still showing deep aged flavours.

The tea begins a little light, but within a couple of infusions really opens up, becoming thick and rich in the mouth, with hints of camphor and very long lasting aftertaste. The tea coats the mouth and transforms as it lingers. The qi is also very pleasant.

This tea reminds me in some ways of the 2000 Kai Yuan Green stamp that we sold over the past year, though before writing this description I took some time to taste them both side by side and this tea came out the clear winner, despite costing less than 60% of the price!

I can highly recommend this for those seeking a clean, aged puerh tea with strong qi and thick, vibrant mouthfeel.