2005 Yiwu Ancient Tree Melon

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This tea almost didn't make it to our website... we tasted it and wanted to keep it for ourselves.  There's not a lot of this tea, but we thought at least we should share a few kg online.

It was pressed in 2005 by a Jinghong native who began his business in the late 90's, concentrating mainly on Yiwu tea.  They're made from old tree Yiwu material and pressed into 1kg melons (actual weight around 930-940g).

The tea is concentrated, thick, with long aftertaste and powerful energy.  There is a slight hint of smoke from casual processing, but this has aged nicely and the raw material is really excellent.  It's quite unusual to come across material of this quality from this period that's still available for sale.

These have been stored in Jinghong, where the hot and humid environment has aged the tea nicely.  The flavour is very pure and precise, with nice aged notes developing and plenty of strength for the long term.  The aftertaste lingers very nicely.

Of course, given the size of each melon and quality of the material, this isn't cheap, but if you can't afford a melon, I highly recommend a sample.   You wouldn't regret it.

Limit 1 melon or sample per customer please