2011 Everyday Yiwu

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Everybody likes to drink high-end Yiwu, but we realize that drinking this kind of tea regularly does not fit with everyone's budget.  With this in mind, we've been on the hunt for some nicely aged Yiwu that doesn't the bank.  Amongst sample after sample of terrible tea, this one stood out as something different.

This tea has been stored in Guangzhou since it was pressed, where the heat and humidity has allowed the tea to age nicely.   At this price, of course it's not from the oldest trees, but the material is still of good quality and punches well above its weight.

The tea is changing nicely, having lost the greenness of youth and developing nice aged flavours, ripe fruits and sweet aftertaste.  There is some good solidity to the tea liquid and character that bodes well for it as it continues to age.  

This is a great tea for those looking for nicely aged Yiwu that's enjoyable to drink and affordable enough to drink with regularity.


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