2012 Puerh Teas

We arrived back in the UK a couple of weeks ago & have been busy rearranging our lives. It’s nice to be able to settle a bit after several months of traveling to tea places. It also gives us a chance to taste some of the new puerh teas we pressed this Spring. In general I’m pretty happy with them. It’s still early & they’re recovering from the pressing process & from being shipped around the world, but I think they’ll be really quite good teas.

We’ve been rearranging our storage areas and have realised that we need to make room for all the new teas that are arriving. We still have some stock of our pressings from previous years in storage and have decided to make these available for sale. Many of them were previously ‘sold out’, but they’re back on the website, available for sale.

For those who’ve preordered this year’s tea, your orders will be shipping in the next few days. We’re still waiting for the Guafengzhai to arrive. It was being pressed in Yiwu and was shipped a little after the others. Hopefully it’ll arrive here in the next few days. For those who ordered just the other cakes, we’ll begin shipping your orders tomorrow.

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