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Monthly Teaclub

Monthly Teaclub

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$34.99/month inc free worldwide* shipping & tracking


Many of our most special finds never make it as far as our website.  Teas that we come across in small quantities or educational finds, we tend to reserve for members of our tea club.  Each month we send out a parcel of tea and accompanying letter all for the price of $34.99 including worldwide postage.

As with our web store, the tea club has a focus mainly on Puerh tea, but also features Liu Bao, Wuyi Yancha and other interesting teas.  We try to make it enjoyable and educational, with exclusive pressings, comparison tastings & small batch teas.  There are also discounts for club members on featured teas and special promotions.


There's no long term commitment & you're free to opt in/out at any time, pause your subscription, change shipping address or payment method via our website subscription portal.

You will be charged immediately for your first shipment and monthly on a recurring basis.  Please note that your parcel won't ship until the beginning of the month after your payment, so e.g. if you sign up on the 15th July, your first shipment will be at the beginning of August.  This is to make the teaclub shipping manageable for our small group of staff.

We offer a 3-month option for customers who would like their shipments combined for customs purposes.   This will be billed monthly, but the parcels will be combined and shipped at the beginning of March, June, September, December

* Almost all countries catered for, but due to Chinapost restrictions, there will be a few that aren't available.

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