2015 Puerh tea lineup (aka, when will you post the rest of your cakes??)


The Spring of 2015 was very interesting for us. We had some highs and lows and opened some very special doors for future productions. As I discussed in my previous post about pesticides in puerh tea, we had some setbacks and some shocks when we sent maocha for lab testing, but in the end we found some teas that we were very happy with and that passed also the lab tests.

I’ve had a few emails asking how many teas we pressed and when they’ll be made available, and I’m guessing many more of you are wondering the same, so I thought I’d answer the question here.

The magic number is….. four. Two of them I’ve made available online – the Huangshanshu 15 trees and the YunYa puerh tea. The other two will come later.

One is from Guafengzhai, which we’ve bought as maocha but didn’t get pressed in time before we left Yunnan. We hope to press it in September. The last, which we have pressed is another tea from YunYun. It’s a later harvest that has a little smoke in the flavour. We still have some cakes from there from last year in which the smoke has dissipated, so we decided to leave the new cakes to rest for a while before selling. The quality of the underlying tea is excellent and I’m very confident of it in the long term, so we’re not in a hurry to rush these cakes out the door.

Aside from these four teas, we made some very good contacts in Guafengzhai & Lincang who are growing chemical free old tree teas. I hope next Spring, we can include a line up of teas from them too.

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