Arrived at last!!!

After a long wait, our shipping container has finally arrived back in the UK, along with all of our new pressings from this Spring. Our house is filled with boxes upon boxes of tea and we’re slowly but steadily working through packing up all the orders from people who preordered our tea this Spring. Thank you so much to all of you who preordered. It really helps us out each Spring & we’ll be including some extra gifts as way of thanks.

We have, of course, made time for plenty of tea breaks to taste and test our new teas & I’m really very happy with them all. I think this year there’s really some very special teas. I hope you enjoy them!

We also recently received a shipment of teas that I found during my trip to Malaysia this Spring. They’re a little aged (between 1991 and 2008) and the storage is impeccable. I think you’ll enjoy them too!

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