1970's Shu Puerh Tea

Since arriving in Malaysia we’ve been keeping an eye on our costs. For the past month we decided to offer free shipping to make our move easier for our customers in the UK and Europe to handle. Living in Malaysia, our costs are significantly less than in the UK – the shipping from China & Taiwan to Malaysia for the teas we buy is very cheap and there’s no shipping costs for the teas we buy in Malaysia. The prices in the post office are also less expensive than in the UK.

Kathy & I have discussed this at length and looked at the figures & decided that we’d like to continue to offer free shipping for orders over £100. We’ll also be offering an option to upgrade to EMS shipping for quicker and more secure delivery and also a Fedex option coming in the next month or so.

Hopefully this helps everyone receive the teas that they’d like to buy more easily & makes our relocation to Malaysia easier to bear for our customers who were once closer to home!

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