I thought I’d post a few pictures from our trip to Wuyishan this Spring. They show some of the stages of hand-processing Wuyi Yancha.

Bruising the leaves to encourage oxidation

Bruising the leaves to encourage oxidation

The boiling kettle adds humidity to the room

It was particularly dry this year, so Master Huang opted to have a kettle constantly boiling in the withering room to increase the humidity in the air and allow the leaves to moisten slightly as they were being bruised and withering.

Spreading the leaves to allow even withering

Master Huang's Wuyi Yancha hand-processing studio

An antique rolling machine for Wuyi Yancha

Wuyi Yancha kill green (frying the leaves to stop oxidation)

Master Huang demonstrating rolling Wuyi rock tea

Master Huang shaking out the leaves during rolling

Separating out leaves after rolling

Preparing the charcoal for roasting

Wuyi Yancha before and after roasting

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