Integrating the act of giving into drinking tea

For quite some time, I’ve been wondering how to make the act of giving integral to The Essence of Tea and use it for some good in the world.

I had a meeting with our accountant yesterday. He’s very good at thinking a little out of the box and of coming up with new approaches to business. During our chat, he mentioned that his accountancy firm are adopting the practice of giving a goat to an impoverished family in Africa every time they get a referral from a client. I’m sure many of us are familiar with these types of charity schemes with directed giving, but what really surprised me about the scheme that they were participating in is the surprisingly low cost of really making a change in the world, whether affecting one person directly, or contributing towards environmental change.

After our meeting I was quite taken with this idea and Kathy & I discussed it at length. We both felt the same, and decided to integrate this into The Essence of Tea.

Image Credit Sacca

So from today:

  1. – Each gram of tea we sell will provide clean water for one person for a day.

  2. – Each tea review left on our website will fund the adoption of two square metres of Rainforest for a year

Image Credit Dallas Krentzel

So, just the act of buying a puerh cake can fund enough clean water for a person for a whole year and leaving a few reviews of the teas you drink can function to protect a sizeable area of rainforest. These are small actions by us in our enjoyment of tea that can produce significant benefits for people in the world and help to protect the environment in which we live.

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