Mannuo Puerh Tea draw

I made the (slightly belated) draw today for the 15th-30th November draw for a Mannuo puerh tea cake, for reviews of teas posted between these dates.

The winner, as chosen by, is ‘tT’ for the review left of our Xiping, Anxi Tie Guan Yin.

The winner for the period 1st Dec-15th Dec is Antonio Luigi for his review of our 1970’s Pinglin aged oolong.

This marks the end of our Mannuo cakes to give away, but we’ve enjoyed reading the reviews left & would like to give something back to reward the time and thought taken to write them. Until our 2012 cakes arrive, I’d like to continue these draws by offering a 2011 Manhai puerh cake (400g) – a cake that’s only been available at our teahouse in Falmouth until now (not listed on the website). There’ll be 2 draws per month.

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