Price increases for aged puerh teas

I had the bad news last night that the wholesale price of some of our cakes has gone up. It seems the market in Asia for aged puerh is going crazy.

The rate of change of prices for aged puerh constantly amazes and shocks me. Some of the 80’s cakes have over doubled in price over the last 2 years and many of the famous cakes have increased over 40% since last Spring.

Unfortunately, this means we’ll have to increase our prices too as we restock these older cakes. Apologies for this, but with the huge rise in demand from the burgeoning wealthy Chinese middle classes and the rarity of many of these teas, it seems that’s just the way the world of aged puerh will continue to be.

We’ll still try to source some other vintages over the coming year and expand our range, both of some landmark teas from the past 60 years and some more affordable teas for everyday drinking.

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