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Each year in the tea mountains we come across high end teas that are available in too small quantities to deal with on a commercial basis. They tend to be single tree teas or from special places that friends are willing to share a couple of kg of, but no more. We tend to buy these and keep them for ourselves, but would love to share these with tea lovers and allow them to taste a level of tea that doesn’t usually make it anywhere near the market.

For quite some time we’ve been considering the idea of a tea club, where members get a regular shipment, but have been put off by the idea of so much of their membership fee being wasted on monthly postage costs.

While in the tea mountains this Spring, we had an idea – instead of a monthly parcel delivery, we could offer 2 parcels per year – one in Spring and one in Autumn, and instead of just offering teas that we sell normally through the website as most tea clubs do, we could offer something special – these teas that we normally keep for ourselves.

This regular commitment allows us to reserve the whole year’s tea from specific farmers, guaranteeing them income for the year and allowing us to request them to let the trees rest and not pick the summer tea. It helps us to plan our spending on these rarer teas and for you, the tea drinker, it gives you access to a quality of tea that is virtually impossible to come across in the open market.

What we propose is, for a single payment of £500, you’ll receive 2 parcels per year. One containing our Spring teas and one containing Autumn teas. The weighting of each in terms of value would be roughly 2/3 Spring tea, 1/3 Autumn. In each parcel you’ll receive a range of special teas in small quantities and maybe a 2-3 in larger quantities. There should be some as loose maocha and some pressed cakes. Where there are very limited quantities of some teas preference will be given to those who signed up earlier.

Please feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions in the comment section below. By signing up, you place some trust in us to make the selection, but I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.

For those interested please sign up here

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