Staying in HK

Well, having been in Asia for at least a month now, I have to be the first to admit that I’ve been a bit slack on the blog front. Most of this was due to a quite high concentration of buying teas & teaware for the online shop & I didn’t want this blog to just turn into an advertisement for things I’ve shipped back to sell.

All this aside, I do have a few things I’d like to share over the space of a few posts…

1) Hong Kong – I’d stayed in the city here 3-4 times before & always disliked spending much time here. The air is horrible, the hotel rooms are either super expensive and (I imagine) quite nice or slightly expensive and grotty. The streets are crowded and the atmosphere is busy.

This time I decided to try a different tack. Once a friend who is from HK told me about Lamma Island where she was staying with her parents. She had nice things to say about it, so I did some research and booked a room in a hotel on the island.

The price is cheaper than most (except the grottiest) hotels in the city and a nice room comes in at about 280HKD.

Lamma Beach

Taking the 30 minute ferry ride from the city proved to be a delight and unpon arriving at the island it seemed as though I’d entered a different world – the streets were small (too small for cars) the sea front was littered with small restaurants and the pace was super slow. I spent a day exploring the island and found beautiful nature, beaches for swimming and nice cafes & small shops selling tasty tasty food.

It’s really a pleasure to stay here & for other travellers travelling to/through HK I can’t recommend this place enough.

Lamma Sunset

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