Talks in London with Master Lim Ping Xiang and Master Zhou Qi Kun

As it’s getting close, I thought I’d post an update for the tea talks we’re hosting in Postcard Teas, London with Master Lim Ping Xiang. I haven’t been able to announce it before now, since his visa for the UK wasn’t confirmed, but Master Zhou Qi Kun from Yixing will also be visiting us at the same time and has offered to give a demonstration of various techniques involved in making an Yixing pot. He’s going to bring some pots at various stages of completion, some clay and some tools. Master Zhou is a highly skilled Yixing master potter. He began his career working in Yixing Factory 2, before going on to open his own studio, Wuxing Shan Fang. Master Zhou’s pots have won many awards and examples are on display in the Yixing Ceramics Museum and the Palace Museum, Beijing amongst other places.

There are two talks – one on Friday 22nd June, 7pm-9pm with Master Zhou and Master Lim, and one on Saturday 23rd June 9.30am-11.30am with Master Lim. Attendance is by prior booking only. The few remaining places are available to be booked via our website, or in person at Postcard Teas. With these two highly skilled masters presenting, I think these talks should be a very special experience and a wonderful chance for all of us to learn. They should also be a lot of fun!

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