Up in the air

I’ve been engaged in legal negotiations for the last month or so. I’m trying to take on a lease for a property which I hope could become a tea house. It has been quite good practice for me to have gone through this, I’ve been able to see my mind has reacted towards obstacles thrown in the way and have had to practice a fair share of patience with the 80+ year old landlady who can conveniently forget agreeing to some points, while rigidly sticking the enforcement of others.

A teahouse to be?

And so we’re kind of in stalemate at the moment while she makes up her mind on a couple of pretty important points.

It kind of struck me that this is a good place to be. I’ve been able to relinquish my attachment to opening a teahouse and step back a little. So I’m left with 2 likely scenarios – either I get the lease and have to rush back from Yunnan in late March to open up for the Easter rush of tourists to the tip of Britain, or I can take my time in Yunnan and can take an extra month or two to spend some time in Chaozhou and Wuyi to try to find some nice tea.

Either way I have confidence that we’ll open a tea house sometime. Either way will be good. A nice place to be. Let’s see what happens!

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