We’ve been wholesaling tea for many years now, though never really promoted it online.  A big part of our business in recent years has been wholesaling aged Liu Bao and young Puerh tea to tea businesses within China.   We’ve also been wholesaling to western tea businesses on a smaller scale, but have always had the intention that this is something we’d like to focus on a bit more in the future.

Part of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 was to get organised and put together a decent wholesale list for Western tea businesses. Happily, I can now say that this is almost complete.

I’m putting together a mailing list for wholesale customers.  Many of the teas we stock online are not available for wholesale purchase, but we also have teas that we don’t list on our website & reserve for wholesale customers only. For puerh tea we also offer custom pressings with your own brand. If you’re interested, and have a legitimate tea business, please feel free to contact us

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