We have just arrived in Yunnan, having spent the past few days in Wuyishan visiting Master Huang and his family. This visit turned out to be quite special – before we have only gone in May, during the Spring harvest, but my brother’s wedding this May forced us to make the trip a bit earlier. Going earlier resulted in two major differences – the first was that it was very cold. I was a bit unprepared for how cold it would be & only took my coat off to shower and get into bed. The second, and more important difference, was that Master Huang wasn’t busy. During harvest time he’s very hands-on, overseeing much of the tea processing, but this time he was relaxed and could spend most of the days with us, drinking tea, taking us around the park, teaching us the differences between different varietals, different ages of bushes and different locations within the park, all of which have a huge effect on the finished tea. We felt very fortunate to be able to spend so much time with him.

We learned a lot in a short time. In the next few weeks I’ll attempt to type up some of the things he shared with us and publish them here on our blog.

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