Well it’s that time of year again folks – our Spring 2014 Wuyi Rock tea from Master Huang has rested sufficiently after roasting and has arrived on our doorstep. We’ve been tasting our way through most of the varietals so far & I have to say that 2014 has been a great year for yancha. The lack of rain in early Spring has allowed the leaves to grow slowly, accumulating nutrients and thickening the taste & the processing has once again been exceptional. I’m very happy with it.

To celebrate, we thought we’d have a month focussing on Yancha. Until the end of December, we’ll…

  • be posting tasting notes of our 2014 teas
  • be posting sections of a detailed video we’ve been working on covering the production of Wuyi Yancha
  • be offering some special old tree varietals that are only produced in quantities of a few kg per year
  • be offering the chance to win a special trip with us in Wuyishan next year


The trip will take place in early May next year and will last around 5 days (exact dates to be confirmed). For the three lucky winners, we’ll pick you up from Wuyishan airport, provide accommodation, delicious food and a detailed introduction to Wuyi Yancha. You’ll see it being processed, taste different varietals and ages of yancha, walk through the park & be introduced to different gardens, valleys and special locations. We’ll be able to help you translate & you’ll have the opportunity to ask Master Huang any questions you might have. Master Lim Ping Xiang from Malaysia will also be there & he’ll be able to answer any questions you might have on Yancha, brewing or tea in general and of course there’ll be all the tea you can drink!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for three lucky winners.

Wuyi Rock Tea

How to enter: Each purchase of 100g of our Wuyi Yancha made before 31 Dec 2014 will count as one entry. Orders containing 200g, 300g or more will count as multiple entries, increasing your chances of winning. We’ll select the winners at random early in January & let the winners know via email. If they can’t make it for some reason, we’ll offer the place to the next random selected winner. Exact details, dates and times will be confirmed with the winners.

Obligatory smallprint: 1. The judges decision is final 2. All of the above is non-binding – if something beyond our control happens, we’ll try our best to make it right, but if in the end we can’t offer this trip for some reason please try to understand.

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