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2005 Yiwu Ancient Tree Dragon Balls

2005 Yiwu Ancient Tree Dragon Balls

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Aged Yiwu tea of this quality is difficult to find still available for sale these days.   The producer had been making a larger batch, pressed into melon shapes for a commission, but liked the quality of this ancient tree material and pressed 11kg into these 7g dragon balls to hold back for his own consumption.

The tea is concentrated, thick, with long aftertaste and powerful energy.  The tea has been aged nicely and the raw material is really excellent.  

These have been stored in Kunming, which is drier than we'd normally prefer, but the round shape with greater surface area has allowed them to age well.  Actually the tea has aged nicely in this weather.   The flavour is pure and precise with nicely aged notes developing and plenty of strength for the long term.   The aftertaste lingers nicely.

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