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2006 Bingdao Lao Zhai Ancient Tree Puerh

2006 Bingdao Lao Zhai Ancient Tree Puerh

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This tea was a small production by one of our good tea friends in Kunming. He has been in business since the 90's and in the puerh boom in the mid-2000's was making large quantities of ancient tree teas. As a tea lover, he always kept some special small batches back. Unfortunately some recent hard times & the economic downturn in China have forced him to part with his treasures. Fortunately, for tea lovers like us though, it means that we now have access to these special teas.

This tea was made in 2006 spring from pure ancient trees in Bingdao Old village.  At that time, the village had not yet become so famous but a few producers were noticing that this area's teas had a special quality.  

He pressed this into 500g cakes, and sent a portion to age in a friend's more humid storage in Malaysia.  The rest he kept in Kunming.    The first 4 tongs we have of this tea are of the batch he aged in Malaysia, which has aged very nicely - transforming much more than the Kunming stored teas.

The tea taste is pure, clean and the liquid is super refined and smooth.  The hints of remaining bitterness change quickly into sweetness with a nice menthol cooling sensation in the mouth afterwards.   It has comfortable and strong body-sensation and qi.  

As one would expect with tea from such a famous village from this period, it's not inexpensive, but we felt it worthwhile to offer for those seeking such special teas.


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