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Wuyi Masters Tasting Set II

Wuyi Masters Tasting Set II

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We are pleased to introduce our second Masters Tasting Set. 

This project began about two years ago, when we set off to Wuyishan with the idea in mind to visit a selection of the twelve original Da Hong Pao Heritage masters and offer a selection of their teas for tea lovers in the West to taste and compare.

You can find our First Masters Tasting Set here:

Last summer we returned to Wuyishan to meet with six Da Hong Pao Heritage masters, and select the best master's teas for this second edition of our Masters Tasting set. The significant challenge in creating this second set was working with the rising prices around us. As with our first set, it was difficult to find tea masters that were not already in contract with other agents. Having to purchase tea through this second party dramatically increases the price. And - many other tea masters would not offer wholesale pricing without purchasing a certain (large) value.

We met with one master named Liu Bao Shun (Man Ting Tea Factory) who would only sell his teas to his Guang Zhou agent, to whom he sells to each year. Another master we met with named Liu Guo Yin (Yan Shang Tea Factory), also would only sell tea through his contracted agent. Luckily, were able to work with the other masters we met with, finding four teas we felt were just right for this offering. We look forward to sharing this second Masters Tasting set with you.

For those who gave us wholesale pricing, we've priced these teas at below their retail pricing, for those who charged us retail pricing we priced the samples at our cost price. Where we received the tea in the producer's packaging, we will provide them in this. 

Su Bing Xi  (Da Keng Kou Tea Factory)  

  • Lao Cong Shui Xian - 8g x 2
  • Jin Jiang Rou Gui - 8g x 2

Liu Feng  (Yong Le Tian Ge Tea Factory) 

  • Liu Zhen Shui Xian - 8.33g x 2
  • Liu Zhen Rou Gui -  8.33g x 2

Wu Zong Yan (Bei Yan Tea Factory)      

  • Hui Yuan Keng Shui Xian - 8g x 2
  • Ma Tou Yan Rou Gui - 8g x 2

Chen Xiao Wen (Xiao Wen Jia Tea Factory) 

  • Lao Cong Shui Xian - 8g x 2
  • Rou Gui - 8g x 2
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