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1999 Light Fermentation Shou Puerh

1999 Light Fermentation Shou Puerh

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We've been drinking quite a few aged Kunming tea factory 7581 bricks lately.  There's so much variation in fermentation level, raw material, price and quality.   This one really stuck out for us as something quite special.   According to our information, it was a small production (around 10,000 bricks) pressed in 1999 for export.  As such a higher grade of raw material was used and is quite different from the standard 7581 bricks.  It was stored in Dongguang until around 4 years ago, before the complete batch was bought by a Taiwan tea merchant, and stored there since.

The tea has had light fermentation and it has been nicely aged - the storage has been very clean, and the fermentation flavour is almost all gone.  The tea is bright and vibrant in the mouth, smooth and very pleasant to drink.   This one will appeal to lovers of aged sheng puerh and aged shou puerh alike, and for a tea of this quality it's a bargain at this price.   We can highly recommend this tea.

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