2004 CNNP 7542

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7542 is a recipe created by Menghai Tea Factory, but since then had been imitated by many smaller factories.  Usually these bear little resemblance to the original and we don't bother to pass on this designation, but this tea took us a little by surprise.  Upon rinsing the tea and opening the lid of the gaiwan the aroma was unmistakably that of the Menghai Tea Factory version.  When tasting the tea also the flavours were also very similar.  I'd even venture to say better than many actual 7542 cakes from this period.

This tea has been stored in Guangzhou and has had very clean storage.  The tea is ageing nicely, with long aftertastes, good aroma and very comfortable to drink.

This is a lovely tea for fans of the Menghai Tea Factory 7542, without the crazy prices that that fetches these days & for fans of aged puerh in general.  This is already very nice to drink and will surely evolve nicely over the years too.