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2012 Yiwu Qiaomu Puerh

2012 Yiwu Qiaomu Puerh

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We sourced this tea from a couple in Guangzhou who have been in the tea business since 2008. We’ve known them for many years and recently have been tasting through some of their back catalogue of pressings. Since they began their business, they’ve been visiting Yunnan every year to press puerh tea cakes, focusing on medium and high end teas.

This Yiwu Qiaomu cake was a production of theirs from 2012. They selected spring leaves from Manzhuan, DingJiaZhai & Mahei, blended them and pressed into these 357g cakes.   From tasting, the trees aren't super old, but not very young either.

The storage of this cake is clean. It is on the drier side of the Guangzhou storage. The cake has been aged nicely, with ripe plum and almond flavours that are typical of Yiwu area teas of this age. The liquid has medium thickness and refined texture. There is a hint of bitterness that melts into a nice sweet aftertaste. This cake is nice to enjoy now. It's a decent daily drinker Yiwu tea.

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