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2019 Spring "Singularity" Gushu Puerh Tea

2019 Spring "Singularity" Gushu Puerh Tea

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This tea has been many months in the making and a bit of a pet project for us.  We liked many teas from 2019 Spring - the weather was particularly conducive to high quality puerh in many regions, so we asked around amongst friends in the tea producing community in Yunnan to find some high quality ancient tree maocha (unpressed puerh) to offer for our monthly tea club offerings.   Two of these teas stood out & we bought some for the tea club.   While tasting them, we decided on a whim to blend them and were astonished with the result.  Each was good on it's own, but the combination was greatly in excess of the sum of the parts.  The tea took on a kind of "stoner energy"....  very pleasurable to drink. 

It is concentrated with a balanced bitterness and long aftertaste.   This is excellent young puerh to drink now or age for the future.

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