Opening of our Kunming Studio

Opening of our Kunming Studio

It's been months of work, but we've finally managed to turn our studio in Kunming from this....


To this...





On Sunday 15th July, we hosted an opening party to celebrate and invited friends from Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and all around China to come to Kunming and spend a few days drinking tea, eating local wild mushrooms and even Durian, hand carried by a friend from Malaysia.

The party opened with some speeches from visiting guests & we drank our 2018 Yiwu Guoyoulin 10 year anniversary cake, followed by 1950's Da Xin Hang Liu Bao.


To celebrate the opening of our studio, we opened a 12kg circle of 1950's RenXiDingGong old Liu Bao tea - a tea produced before the era of wodui fermentation when teas were produced as raw tea and naturally fermented, using time to change the tea.   This is one of the cleanest old liu bao teas we've found & we were very happy to open this and share it into 100g vintage jars.   We drank this tea for everyone to enjoy.


Lunch was a selection of vegetarian sushi, after which we changed venue to a Japanese garden and hotel nearby for a change of scene.

In the afternoon tea session we drank 2018 Secret Forest White tea to clear our palettes, then a talk from Yang Kai (researcher and author of many books on antique era puerh tea) accompanied by early 80's Da Ye Qing Bing & and another session of 1950's RenXiDingGong Liubao.  

Mushrooms are in season at the moment in Yunnan & it is famed for the selection and variety of special wild mushrooms, so dinner was a wild mushroom hot pot, after which guests relaxed and finished the day with 1940's Fu Lu Gong puerh.

It's been an exhausting few months moving stock from Malaysia, organising the decoration of the studio and finding the right furniture, but we're really happy with the result.   If you're passing through Kunming, please feel free to get in touch and join us for some tea.

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Congrats and much success.

Lorna Owens

Looks unbelievable! Congratulations to you both. When we return to Kunming next we’ll definitely stop by. I’d forgotten about mushroom hotpot!

Chris a.

Just gorgeous! Certainly a happy day of rejoicing in success in such beautiful surroundings and good company!

Mike Baas

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