Spring Sale

As the winter comes to a close, we’re in the midst planning our Spring trip to Yunnan to source and press our 2013 Puerh tea cakes. This season always leaves us a little stretched – both financially & also in terms of space in our storeroom once the boxes of tea begin arriving back to the UK.

To prepare for this, we’ve decided to offer a sale of some of our previous year’s puerh teas. This offers a good chance for those wishing to stock up on these teas, to not only have a discount on last year’s prices, but also to buy before we reach the usual price increases each Spring.

Until the end of March, our 2010 & 2011 cakes are available with a 20% discount and our 2012 Qishenggu and Baotang cakes with 10% discount.

Click the picture above to view the sale page on our website.

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