Mar 22, 2015

Guafengzhai Puerh & Malaysian storage

We recently got hold of a tong of the 2009 ChangYuHao Guafengzhai – a tea that’s been ‘sold out’ since 2009. The owner of ChangYuHao still had some in his own collection of course & recently agreed to let us have a tong to offer to western customers. This was quite interesting for us, because […]
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Nov 11, 2011

‘Green Puerh’ vs ‘Non-green’

I’m often asked about what makes some young puerh teas so ‘green’ in flavour and in colour, while others don’t have so much of this greenness to them. The big difference is the level of oxidation of the leaves prior to the kill-green stage. After the leaves are picked, they are spread out and left […]
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