Collection: Clearance Yixing Teapots

Over the past couple of years, we've ordered many samples of teapots from different Yixing potters, trying to find a good fit, both in terms of workmanship, clay quality and personal relationships that worked.

We've amassed quite a collection of these samples.   They're good pots, just not quite the pots that we wanted to sell or commission on a long term basis.  Perhaps we felt the potter's skill wasn't quite to our style, perhaps they weren't so easy to work with, or the clay wasn't quite what we wanted.

We purchased these at wholesale prices and have decided to release them for sale at or just slightly above our cost price.  This will allow tea lovers to pick up some bargains, and allow these pots to go to a good home rather than sitting in our warehouse.   Some have been used a few times during our testing, others are unused.