May 08, 2016

Processing the Da Hong Pao mother trees

We’ve just arrived back in Yunnan from a week in Wuyishan. We had a great trip and spent most of our days in the studio and the mountains with Master Huang and his sons. I think this year more than any other we started to understand the importance of location for the trees in the […]
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Aug 10, 2011

Wuyi Rock Tea (2) – Processing

I thought I’d write a short description about the processing styles of Wuyi yancha & show some photos from our trip to Wuyi this Spring. The processing of Wuyi Yancha can be divided into 3 basic styles depending on the amount of the processing that is done by hand or machine. 1/ Machine Processed This […]
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May 30, 2011

Wuyi Rock Tea (1) – The Environment

We spent 10 days this year staying with Master Huang’s family, learning more about the processing and working in his studio for a couple of days at the end. Coming from the mountains of Yunnan, the difference in attention to detail was striking. The extra stages in the processing added so much complexity and the […]
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