I’ve spent the past couple of weeks in Taiwan, searching for some aged puerh. So much has changed in the past year. I knew that the prices had been rising pretty fast, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the situation I found in many places. It’s all going to China, at a faster and faster rate. People I’d previously bought tea from didn’t want to sell any more and were asking if I could sell them back any of the tea that I’d previously bought. I visited several shops & wholesalers and found the same situation. The prices they could sell their tea to mainland Chinese customers for was so much higher than they could sell for in Taiwan. Tea from the 70’s or before, they were pretty much just hanging on to since the price is rising so quickly. It all seems a bit crazy, but there’s a gold rush on for these teas right now.

That being said, I did manage to find a few things – some very well stored late 90’s Menghai tea factory cakes, some mid-90’s CNNP ‘8582’, some older Liu An and maybe an 80’s Menghai 7532. I also bought some more of our 70’s Zhi Ye loose leaf puerh. These are on the way back to the UK at the moment and should appear on the website in the next week or two.

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