Tea Party in Wuyishan

We’ve just returned to Yunnan from a week in Wuyishan with Master Huang, learning about his yancha and wandering around the mountains. This year there was also a tea party organised, with Master Huang, Master Lim and some of his other students from Malaysia and China. I haven’t checked the footage yet, but hopefully I’ve got most of it on video & will do some work editing and subtitling & post it online later in the year. Master Lim and Master Huang both gave talks, talking a little about the virtues and qualities of different varietals and appreciation of Wuyi Yancha.

Each year we go to Wuyishan, I feel like I come to appreciate Yancha more and more. The environment is unrivalled amongst any tea growing areas I’ve visited before. The care and attention to the finest details of processing given by these experienced tea masters is really leaps and bounds above anything I’ve experienced anywhere else. The more I drink Wuyi teas, the more I come to appreciate the refinement and yun (character) of these special teas and the less I choose to drink other teas.

I’ll leave you with a few photos

Cha Xi

Cha Xi

Master Lim


2007 Lao Cong Shui Xian, 2004 Jin Suo Shi, 2002 Bei Dou Yi Hao, 2000 Tie Luo Han

Poem concerning Wuyi Yancha

Appreciating Wuyi Yancha

Tea Party

Master Lim and Master Huang

Master Huang explains Wuyi Yancha

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