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2017 Spring EOT Wuliang Wild

2017 Spring EOT Wuliang Wild

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We really like the character of the ancient wild (non-camellia sinensis var assamica) trees in this area of Wuliang mountains & early this year we commissioned a farmer to oversee the picking of this tea and for him to process the fresh leaves.    These ancient wild trees only flush once a year & their energy is concentrated in their spring leaves.

The character of wild tea is different from cultivated tea - with a flavour that seems light at first taste but swells up in in body and taste throughout the infusions.  The qi is very deep, also beginning in a subtle manner but creeping up as you drink it.

This is a very nice wild tea.  It's clean, smooth and powerful.

After almost three years of storage in Malaysia, the grassiness of this has gone.  It has nice honey sweetness with thick body and the strong energy.

Note:  This is not standard Camellia Sinensis vs Assamica, but from wild tea tree varietals that grow in the forest

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