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165ml Wood Fired Aged Zi Ni Su Xin Pot by Hui Xiang Yun

165ml Wood Fired Aged Zi Ni Su Xin Pot by Hui Xiang Yun

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This pot, named "Su Xin Hu" is fully handmade by Yixing master potter Hui Xiang Yun 惠祥云.  The shape is originally from Meng Chen 孟臣 (around 1621- 1722) pot.  It's very refined in the workmanship with excellent proportions

This is made from original ore aged Zini clay from his personal collection.  It is fully handmade and perfect in every detail, soft to the touch and very refined.  Inside is a multi hole mesh style filter. This pot was fired in a wood kiln in Yixing that fires once each month.   Each firing takes 20 hours to complete. The pot is placed inside a protective container called a 'xia bo', as used in ancient times to protect the surface from becoming glazed with ash.   The wood firing creates a unique finish on the surface, a slight shine & seems to make the water taste smoother and more refined when brewing tea.

At his request,  we have a minimum price we can sell these at, though his pots generally sell for much more in the Chinese market.   Since we realise these aren't inexpensive, as an introductory offer, we've decided to offer $300 free tea with each of his pots sold.   Just leave a comment with your order or email with your choice.

Each pot comes with a box, certificate and book introducing his work.  We have one available of this pot.

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