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2008 Qianjiazhai Wild (Malaysia Stored)

2008 Qianjiazhai Wild (Malaysia Stored)

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We're fans of wild ancient tree tea. Even better when it's aged.

These cakes were pressed by a Malaysian tea merchant from the old wild trees in Qianjiazhai. The wild tea trees in this area are huge - the oldest estimated to be 2700 years old, but with many more in the forest that are estimated to be many hundreds or over a thousand years old. The environment is still very pure & has been protected by the government.

We're very happy to offer this cake. At first the person who pressed it didn't want to sell us these cakes - he was worried about them being sold online since he also has some customers selling at higher prices. As a compromise, we've removed the wrapper and neifei & will rewrap with plain wrapper. Branding aside, the tea itself is very good quality and the price is good. The tea has changed nicely. The wild leaves have a very strong energy and sweet, fruity taste. It's not often we come across aged wild teas of this quality.

Note:  This is not standard Camellia Sinensis vs Assamica, but from wild tea tree varietals that grow in the forest

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