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Wuyi Masters Tasting Set

Wuyi Masters Tasting Set

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We decided on this project a few months ago and set of to Wuyishan with the idea in mind to visit a selection of the 12 original Da Hong Pao Heritage masters and offer a selection of their teas for tea lovers in the West to taste and compare.

Our plan was to buy Shui Xian and Rou Gui from each of them at a similar price point.  This price point wouldn't buy anywhere near their most exclusive teas, but tended to be towards the high end of their larger quantity commercial products.     In practice it turned out to be more difficult than we expected - some were in contracts to produce tea for other companies, some had agents who exclusively sold their teas and some couldn't give wholesale pricing unless the purchase reached a certain (large) value.   For those who gave us wholesale pricing, we've priced these teas at below their retail pricing, for those who charged us retail pricing we priced the samples at our cost price.  

For Zhang Hui Chun's teas, we selected his stronger roast Shui Xian and Rou Gui, since that is his speciality, and for Chen De Hua we purchased his blended Da Hong Pao since he is well known for this particular tea.  Where we received the tea in the producer's packaging, we will provide them in this.  Where we received the tea in bulk, we will pack in 20g bags.

Chen De Hua (Ai De Hua Tea Factory)

  • Da Hong Pao - 8.3g x 2
  • Rou Gui - 8.3g x 2

Liu De Xi (De Xi Gu Tea Factory)

  • Shui Xian - 10g x 2
  • Rou Gui -  10g x 2

Zhang Hui Chun (Hui Chun Tea Factory)

  • Shui Xian - 8g x 2
  • Rou Gui - 8g x 2

Huang Sheng Liang (Rui Quan Tea Factory)

  • Shui Xian - 20g
  • Rou Gui - 20g

You Yu Chong (Xi Qiu Tea Factory)

  • Shui Xian - 20g
  • Rou Gui - 20g

Wang Shun Ming (Qi Ming Tea Factory)

  • Shui Xian - 8g x 2
  • Rou Gui - 8g x 2
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