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2023 WuDong Old Tree Baxian (Eight Immortals) Dan Cong

2023 WuDong Old Tree Baxian (Eight Immortals) Dan Cong

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Dancong is one of those teas that can very easily become exorbitantly expensive. We'd like to offer more, but often it seems that even if they're up to our standards, the quality of the teas don't match the price asked.

Last year, we found Old Tree Almond Fragrance Dancong which sold out fairly quickly. This year we found a few more Dancong teas which we offered to our monthly tea club members. One in particular won many people's hearts. Just like the Old Tree Almond Fragrance Dancong, this batch was only available in limited quantity. Luckily we managed to get the rest of the tea from this same batch.

This tea is from Wudong-Li Zai Ping village (李仔坪)in Fenghuang county. This county, and especially this village are renowned Dancong growing areas. This garden is located at an altitude of 1250m and the tea is picked around Qing Ming period. The leaves are from a few trees which are around 60 years old. The tea is first hand picked and processed, allowed medium oxidation, then finished with traditional charcoal roasting.

This varietal is known as Baxian (aka. Eight Immortals), and the tea has really nice sweet mellow & Pine wood aroma, with nice flower and elegant scents and flavours. It tastes very pure, with thick and rich texture. The skilful processing with balanced oxidation and roast, has brought out the refreshing, sweet and long aftertaste.

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